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FrymaKoruma Maxx D:Vacuum.Homogenizing.Tempering MaxxD plus eco support

ProXES GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-J4
From creamy mayonnaise to hot ketchup – the FrymaKoruma MaxxD is the ideal partner for the production of homogenized and dispersed food products. The innovative vacuum processing creates emulsions fast and in finest quality. State-of-the art homogenizing technology on the one hand, extremely simple operation on the other – that’s the MaxxD. It helps you create high quality products with guaranteed reproducibility. KEY BENEFITS FOR YOUR PRODUCTION • Significant short batch times through fast, efficient creation of emulsions • High product quality due to optimal control of droplet size • Guaranteed reproducibility through programmable process parameters • Low running costs due to automatic cleaning (CIP) and short set-up times • High flexibility: extensive options and different batch sizes • Low service effort thanks to simple construction and easy accessibility of all parts • Simple operation of the user-friendly control system Let's grow sustainably! Increasingly consumers are basing their purchase decisions n the products' environmental impact. A challenge for the industrie' Yes. but: At ProXES we know that sustainability and profit increae are not contradictions. Let's talk? MAYONNAISE SPREADS CHOCOLATE FILLINGS DRESSINGS SAUCES BABY FOOD MARINADES KETCHU DESSERTS


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