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Fbr-Elpo S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D15
• NATURAL AND CONCENTRATED PUREES • CONCENTRATED CLEAR JUICES • PULPY JUICES AND NECTARS • DICED FRUIT AND TIDBITS Wide experience in designing and manufacturing machinery and plants for the preparation and processing of continental and tropical fruit: FBR ELPO produces multipurpose lines featuring cutting-edge technical and technological solutions for processing different types of products. FBR ELPO evaluates its work through its customer satisfaction: by studying and applying new technologies, the company guarantees final products to comply with the strictest international standards. Great attention is paid to organic products processing, which is achieved through a process monitorized throughout all its stages, aimed to keep intact their distinctive characteristics. The company offers its standard solution to produce fruit concentrates, which is divided into: • Washing, sorting and chopping/destoning section For the reception and washing of the raw material and, depending on the type of fruit to be treated, until the stage of destoning/chopping. • Enzyme inactivation section With Hot Break and Cold Break system. • Refinement section In addition to conventional technology, such sections are also available with the cold pulp extraction system, particularly suitable for fruit to be used in baby foods. • Evaporating section Ensured by all the different types of evaporators: forced circulation, falling film and mixed technology, single or multiple effect and with the option of using steam recompression. • Sterilization and aseptic filling section FBR ELPO offers sterilization or pasteurization with different types of heat exchangers: concentric tube, scraped surface and plate type exchangers. Aseptic filling machines for 2, 5, 10, 20, 200 and 1.000 L pre-sterilized bags. Every proposal made by FBR ELPO is formulated upon the specific needs of the final product. Special attention is paid to diced fruit and tidbits: concentric tube heat exchangers can be replaced by the oval tube version.

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