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Freezmat, Ice Cream Continuous Freezer

Catta 27 S.r.l. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-C15
The ice cream machines production has been our core business since 1927, when the fi rst vertical freezer was realized. Starting from that moment, our purpose was that of unifying our tradition, linked to the artisanal ice cream world, with the need of increasing technology to meet the big industry demand. Here two different lines were born and they were able to satisfy all the demands that the market present. The first line is provided with an entrance and an exit lobe pump. It is available in two versions, with and without PLC. This line is ideated for obtaining the best in terms of ice cream structure, quality, and in terms of production stability. The second line is provided with piston pump. It is available with or without PLC, too. This line is ideated for reducing the investment and simplifying the maintenance, keeping the stability and the simplicity, which identify us during the years. The lobe pump freezers are available from a minimum of 400 l/h to a maximum of 3.000 l/h. The piston pump freezers are available from a minimum of 200 l/h to a maximum of 1.200 l/h.

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