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Extrufood brochure (Deutsch)

Extrugroup Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D28
Extrufood Founded over 40 years ago, Extrufood is now the world’s leading specialist in the engineering and manufacturing of extrusion machinery in the sugar confectionery market. Extrufood serves leading, medium and small size companies in the confectionery industry and work together on developing the most innovative production lines and machinery. Machines that create all kinds of licorice products, fruit gums, and fruit snacks. Why Extrufood Extrufood’s production systems occupy less space, consume less energy and need less operators than other systems, while still achieving the highest product quality and consistency. Our production systems offer state-of-the-art technology with its unique continuous production process. We provide high-quality continuous production lines and customized elements such as: • Cooking-, mixing- and forming extruders; • Diemixes®; • Z-blade mixers; • Multi-color rotary dies and (co-) extrusion dies; • Cooling tunnels; • Sugar sanders; • (Ultra-sonic) cutting machines; • Waxing units. Exciting variety Extrufood supplies new and upgraded versions of the existing equipment for the optimization of the customer’s production method. With its expertise and wealth of experience, Extrufood supplies production lines from 20 kg/hr. up to 2.000 kg/hr. and custom-made elements, which ensure exceptional possibilities of confectionery products. The production lines create an exciting variety with up to eight different colors and flavors, fillings and coatings. Ready for healthy Extrufood designs equipment to meet the current global commercial demands and we are more focused than ever on creating products with natural colors and flavors, which are temperature stable. A revolutionary variety of 100% fruit snacks can be made on the Extrufood cooking and forming extruders. The cooking process ensures customers to produce a broad spectrum of tasty and healthy products. Because sweet can be healthy these days.


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