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Evaporation System

Goma Process Technologies Pvt Ltd Hall: Hall 1 Stand: D1-29
Goma offer projects ranging from laboratory scale to large industrial scale evaporator & dryer processing lines and turnkey plants. Features: • Capacity ranges from lab scale to 30000kg/day • Low Power Load Consumption • Lower Temperature difference ensures Gentle heat treatment to heat sensitive product • High automation degree, labour-saving • Flexibility in Controlling Powder Quality • Negligible Deposition of Powder in drying Chamber • Less Downtime for Maintenance Falling Film Evaporator Unit: Falling Film Evaporator Unit is used for concentration of product carried out by boiling out the liquid solvent generally water at low temperature under vacuum condition. In Falling Film Evaporator, Liquid feed distributed using distribution system from top side and film is going with gravity which results a thinner, faster moving film through tubes to bottom side in concentrated form. Advantages: • Applicable for Heat Sensitive product (Milk, Whey) • Low Residence Time in Evaporator • Avoids problem of hydrostatic head • High Heat Transfer Coefficient • Large heating surface in one body

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