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Emperor Akbar Cardamom - World's Best Cardamom

Samex India Pvt. Ltd. Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-J3
Emperor Akbar is the flagship brand of Samex India Pvt. Ltd. Emperor Akbar Cardamom is an innovative brand. It saw the need to retain the delightful aroma of cardamom and offer it to the discerning consumer which most other brands are unable to do. We were the first brand to introduce the world’s first ever Aroma-Lock technology for cardamom packaging, which as the name suggests, it locks in the aroma, flavour and the potency of the cardamom for a long-lasting experience. We have been the pioneers in the industry in terms of setting the grading standards, which has now become an industry standard. Cardamoms are graded based on their pod diameter (not the pod length as is often misunderstood) and their seed density. The fatter the pod, the more bang for your buck! Size wise, the pods are sealed into colour-coded packaging for easy identification. Anywhere in the world one can pickup our pack and be assured of the contents. That’s our quality promise! This ‘Queen of Spices’ isn’t just about the intensity of flavour and delight it lends to different kinds of cuisines, but equally the variety of medical ailments it can help alleviate or manage. Our consumers take pride in gifting Emperor Akbar Cardamom to their loved ones. We also are a conscious brand. As an industry-first, we have introduced Biodegradable packaging developed from special Flexyme Technology. The packs begin to breakdown in favourable soil conditions. Now there is Goodness inside our packs and on the packs too! When you buy Emperor Akbar Cardamom, you are not just buying the world’s best Alleppey Green Cardamom but also doing your bit for the planet and our children's future.

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