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ProXES GmbH Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-J4
BORN TO MULTITASK: THE VERSATILE UM. All in one and one for all – that’s the motto of the Stephan Universal Machine. Our robust and efficient multitasker streamlines production processes in many application areas, from confectionery to processed cheese and personal care. Versatility is the outstanding feature of all our Universal Machines, no matter if you decide for a tabletop or a floor-mounted unit, a model with or without direct steam injection. Chocolate fillings, liver paté, mayonnaise or beauty creams? As a true allrounder the flexible UMs are able to handle a wide range of products. Multiple working steps can be carried out in one machine: effective cutting or crushing, stirring and blending, indirect/ direct heating, dispersing and emulsifying. All our different UM models are long lasting, easy to clean and allow you to produce under vacuum. THE FAMOUS STEPHAN PRINCIPLE Better ergonomics, more efficiency: When our engineers came up with the Stephan principle, it changed the way the industry looked at the mixing process. With its unique bowl geometry, the inclined working position and a 90° tiltability our smart innovation set new standards. Specially shaped working tools and fast running knives for high shear forces guarantee the quick mixing and efficient cutting of ingredients, thus creating highest quality products. KEY BENEFITS • exceptional efficiency thanks to optimised bowl ergonomics • robust all-in-one machines with extreme durability • efficient heating • consistent quality of the final product • stable emulsions • homogenous mixtures SMALL UNITS FOR BIG PRODUCT IDEAS. Our UM models with maximum processing temperatures of 95°C are fast units that excel in terms of robustness and longevity.