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Ektam Makine San. Ve Tic A.S. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall Stand: S-H9
COMBIMATIC; is developed to perfectly synchronize and integrate Blowing and Filling sections and to create a “non-stop” hygienic and compact system. Filling and capping sections are designed and integrated to blowing part, depends on the type of product to be filled and type of closure. Different models from 12.000 to 35.000 bph are specially configured for still and sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks, juices, soft drinks, teas, edible oils and dairy products. COMBIMATIC models are also available for 5 lt water lines as well with a speed range of 4.000 to 8.000 bottles/hour. Specifications of Blowing Section: - Available models for Solo or Combi systems - Preform heating lamps with latest “near infrared” (NIR) technology - Air Recovery System (ARS), that enables recycling compressed air in next operation (upto %25), providing efficient use of energy. - Servomotor driven main motor and preform stretch rods - Innovative mould fixing system (lock free) that minimizes mold changeover - Accurate non-impact brake system for emergency stops - Ability for “Light weight bottles” - Air cooling of the infrared lamps for maximum life-span - “Temperature control in every step” that ensures homogenous heating of preforms - Preform reject system by detecting inside and outside temperature of preforms with thermal cameras - Optimum blowing temperature that conforms preform weight. - Vibration sensor for safe operation