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CHS Industrial - Company Profile

HERTZ Kompressoren Hall: Hall 1 Stand: B1-42
CHS Industrial - We put the wind in your sail. An Engineering Solutions company in the Compressed Air & Gas Industry in the UAE, Oman, India and East Africa. We provide clients with end-to-end solutions from machinery supply, installation, industrial piping and maintenance. CHS Industrial is an exclusive distributors for HERTZ Kompressoren, Germany, one of the leading Air-Compressor manufactures in Europe. Hertz Kompressoren boasts a wide product range of screw, piston, and centrifugal compressor packages, both oil-free and oil-injected models, ranging from 2.2KW to 30,000KW, Industrial Air-dryers, both refrigerated and heat-less (dessicant), as well Nitrogen & Oxygen Generation systems at the highest purity levels. Hertz Kompressoren also produces Downstream and Purification equipment as well as Aftermarket Spare parts for all their compressed air & gas machinery. With over 35 years of technical experience as a solution provider of all industrial utilities, we also support clients with factory inspections, air quality analysis, leak detection tests, and energy audits as well as service & maintenance of all major compressor brands. Our objective is to provide technically superior & cost-effective solutions that will help clients save money from both – CAPITAL and RUNNING COSTS.