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C S Flavours and Fragrances || Mastering the science of capturing flavours

C S Flavours and Fragrances Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-G12
At C. S. Flavours and Fragrances, in addition to liquid flavours and flavour emulsions, we also offer our clients Spray Dried Powder Flavours. Spray drying is used extensively in the food and flavour industry to contain rich flavours via encapsulation. The flavours are spray dried, making the powdered form ideal for use in foods and end products that involve intensive and high temperature manufacturing processes. Spray Dried Powder Flavours are particularly preferred in bakery segment, hard boiled confectionery, pharmaceuticals and other segments where products are required to have a long shelf life. The powder form encapsulates the aroma and flavours, and these are fully released in a burst of sensorial delight as soon as the ingredients are wetted. Compared to the other forms of flavours, spray dried powder flavours pack in quite a punch when it comes to making your customers happy! The advanced technology used for this manufacturing process: ? Gives a free flow texture to the powders ? Offers stability under intense levels of heat ? Low moisture content ? Enhanced intensity of flavour release in application ? The stability of the material also ensures a longer shelf life for the end products.

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