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Bottle cap sterilization has never been safer as with Serac’s BluStream module

Serac Hall: Hall 1 Stand: B1-47
The aseptic packaging specialist offers a new sterilization technology, combining the highest levels of efficiency and safety for consumers, operators, and the environment. Serac’s BluStream cap decontamination module requires only 3 square meters of floorspace and can be integrated on new Serac lines as well as on existing machines, whatever their OEM. It is intended for high-acid as well as low-acid beverages and is able to treat up to 900 caps per minute. Serac’s BluStream module uses the low-energy e-beam technology. Electrons are thrown all over the surface of the cap and quickly destroy microorganisms by breaking their DNA chains. Electrons do not penetrate the treated material and thus do not affect the internal structure of the cap. As treatment is carried out at room temperature, it avoids risks of distortion that could alter caps’ behavior upon screwing. BluStream treatment is, nevertheless, highly efficient since it ensures a 6-Log bacteriological reduction inside the cap in only 0.3 to 0.5 second. This efficiency level makes BluStream suitable for aseptic packaging and high outputs.

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