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blowing-washing-filling-capping 4in1 machine

Zhangjiagang City Wanjin Machinery Co.,ltd Hall: Shk Saeed Hall Stand: S-G59
Based on a rich and successful whole line project, our company integrates three technologies of rotary bottle blowing, filling and capping. Through innovation in bottle blowing process, filling process, capping equipment and intelligent integration, it realizes the whole continuous process of bottle blowing, product filling and capping of containers. The equipment is mainly composed of six systems: embryo loading, embryo processing, bottle embryo heating, bottle blowing, filling, capping and electrical integration. Taking 24000 bottles/hour (500ml) water line as an example, compared with the traditional split technology, it can save users more than 32% of water, more than 20% of electricity, more than 55% of site, more than 20% of equipment investment and more than 15% of operating cost. The machine is widely used in water, tea, juice, carbonated drinks, condiments, etc. The output of 36000 bottles/hour can be selected by users.

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