2022 Exhibitor Brochures



Fbr-Elpo S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D15
A model which led FBR ELPO to success in the world. It is the series of BIG BAG aseptic fillers, highly flexible and fully automatic. After years on the market, the line is in continuous evolution, offering greater functionality and becoming easier to use. Designed to fill bags, from 200 to 1000 litres, with the help of specific accessories BIG BAG can also deal with the filling of smaller bags, with 5-10-20 litres capacity. Operational practicality and economy are further enhanced by FBR ELPO sterilisation systems. The filling heads include an up/down movement system which, when dispensing the product, prevents any mechanical stress to the bag inside its container (drum, bins or other). BIG BAG allows the processing of a host of products from the food industry, including products with pieces for the 2” version, such as: - Pureed and concentrated fruit and tomato. - Concentrates for clear fruit juices. - Cubed, pulp of tomatoes and even tropical fruit. - Soups and low acidity products. Always new solutions for customer’s service. The complete and synchronised units are compatible for all types of sterilisation. The material is also chosen to guarantee the utmost resistance: the structures of the BIG BAG are totally built in stainless steel 304 while all the parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel 316L. The BIG BAG can use 1” or 2” caps. Known on the market as “ELPO”, the 1” and 2” cap with spout designed by FBR ELPO remains inviolable after closure and only steam can be used in the sterilisation phase. This provides remarkable advantages for the preserved product and for operating economies. Depending on the requirements, the filler is still compatible with other types of caps. Filling systems considered: • By volume (standard) • By weight by means of mass