2022 Exhibitor Brochures


Bakery Intelligence

AMF Bakery Systems Hall: Hall 4 Stand: E4-7
Accelerating a new era of opportunity for the baking industry through digitalization and automation, AMF’s Bakery Intelligence suite of solutions is fully data-driven and engineered to reduce labor, energy, and waste, while increasing product quality. These digital solutions mean more production efficiencies, more quality control, more accessible knowledge sharing, more product yield, more profit and more for the health and sustenance of our planet. Within the Bakery Intelligence portfolio, AMF has introduced the Smart Applicator designed to automate manual operator weighing checks to keep ingredient application within the pizza topping process within exact specifications. The Smart Applicator visually inspects each product and makes sure the right amount of topping – cheeses, proteins, and/or vegetables – is applied without operator intervention. This controlled process improves accuracy up to 3% reducing in giveaway and reduced labor costs. Additionally, the award-winning Sustainable Oven Service continuously monitors oven performance to help bakers and operators improve efficiency and quality and reduce energy consumption within the baking process. SOS uses KPIs like occupancy rates, availability, baking conditions, and eco-efficiency to establish key benchmarks and optimize oven performance. This service is available for production, belt, and continuous ovens. Using a secure, encrypted connection, SOS pushes specific oven data to the cloud where data analytics, artificial intelligence, and expert analysis are combined to deliver insights and recommendations for improving oven performance. By delivering smart machines that require less human interference, AMF’s Bakery Intelligence portfolio is helping bakers achieve long term profitability and a more sustainable bakery operation.