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  • 29-31 October 2019
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Gulfood Manufacturing

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  • 3-5 November 2020
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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  • Excellent reputation has been built both for good quality and outstanding customer service. 

  • The Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs and Jews sailed to the shores of Kerala to gather the spice of this emerald strip of Land. Pepper, Cardamom and several other Varieties of spices are highly valued in those days and is used as a popular seasoning ingredient for Indian Curry dishes. The beaches of Kerala were busy entrepots for the spice trade. This grand trade exists even today. Under a verity of brand names, Kerala spices, is highly popular worldwide.

  • ERIS FLOUR MILLS is one of the main wheat flour producers of Turkey with the production capacity of 2300MTS/ per day. As well as supplying in the local market, we export 70% of our capacity to more than 40 countries of world such as Far East, Middle East, South America, Central America and Africa. Eris Flour Mills can produce any types of wheat flour such as the purpose of Bakery, Noodle, Biscuit, Chapatti, Industrial and Animal feed production etc, as per the customer's request.

  • Rasco Mac

  • Barbara Decor is our brand of chocolate decorations. We use the most innovative production processes to bring unique designs which transform confectionary products into sweet masterpieces.

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