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International leader in secondary packaging machines

Cama Group Hall: 7 Stand: B7-11
International leader in secondary packaging machines
Cama Group, with its unique range of packaging machines and robots, is a fast growing leading supplier of advanced technology end-of-line packaging systems, continuously investing in innovative solutions. Thanks to its specialised know-how in the bakery and confectionery market, combined with its unique range of packaging lines, Cama has once more produced winning solutions and technologically advanced plants to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers. Cama’s machines are seeing an incredibly positive reaction from many different markets, due to their flexibility, positive handling and high efficiency levels. As an example the IF series Monobloc, thanks to highly capable robotics and advanced automation solutions, they are Industry 4.0 ready and will comfortably fit into any smart-manufacturing environment. This project is a prime example where engineering design, customer support and technology have worked in synergy, resulting in a solution that will see a global roll-out for a worldwide product launch. And with a standardised solution, the end user will realise multiple benefits, not just those in terms of operational performance. With class-leading machine concepts already setting the pace in other sectors, Cama is in an ideal position to help even dairy customers cope with increasing marketing creativity and growing sustainability targets . Cama is making huge strides to reclaim its dairy industry pedigree, bringing with it all the experience it has gained from other equally competitive and quality-driven markets. Disruptive market demands can only be placated with disruptive technology. Innovation and breakthrough solutions are part of the DNA within Cama – backed up by the fact that 5% of our yearly turnover is invested in R&D. In many of the markets we serve, we are seen as the face of innovation and there is no reason why this cannot also be true of dairy, which currently makes up 11% of our turnover, by industry. Cama Group, which offers complete packaging lines with a particular emphasis on automation, is well-placed to understand how Industry 4.0 is driving the industry forward. Indeed, the company’s range of ‘Break-Through Generation’ (BTG) systems have been designed to be ‘future-proof’; its intelligent and interactive machines have predictive maintenance and continuous monitoring features to enable operators to make ongoing efficiency improvements. What Cama is seeing is a growing demand for implementation of technologies relating to simulation (virtual engineering / digital twinning), system integration (virtual augmented reality) and integration (condition monitoring). To have the perfect packaging line you have to have the perfect conditions around it, so we are continuously looking to find ways to optimise conditions for the operator. For example, we recently finished a project in close co-operation with one of our main key accounts in the food industry to resize machine components in order to reduce power consumption.
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