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“The high demand for our company forces us to invest”

Altuntop Catering Equipments Trading LLC Hall: 4 Stand: D4-3
“The high demand for our company forces us to invest”
We are an important building block of the industry, whose need rate is increasing day by day. Since our machines, which we offer to manufacturers who want to offer a high amount of products, meet the desired capacity, manufacturers adapt faster to the rapidly growing sector. Since bakery is a building block in every part of the world, the commercial perspective and need rate for bakery is quite high. The industry, which used to consist of a few main dealers in the past, has now started to expand its arms. It continues to expand without borders with more demand and more products. Our Pastamatik products are more common within markets and attract the attention of owners of markets and small cafes thanks to their capacity and contribution to the interior decoration. We are happy with the interest of administrators and business owners, who like to serve fresh, to our products. Our machines, which are designed considering the interior architecture, offer efficiency and elegance to businesses with features such as color and design. Business partnerships are made with intermediary firms abroad in order to carry out larger scale businesses. In this industry, where we have crossed the borders of the country, we strive to be the reason to start the business with confidence for every baker. We are aware that the interest in this sector is increasing rapidly. Our existence in both micro and macro dimensions brings us closer to our goals. We relaxed those who want to proceed in the industry with our machines, which are completely focused on the challenging parts of the job such as kneading, spreading and baking. There are many large and small businesses in the pastry business. Everyone's production style and variety is different. This is exactly where we step in. We support companies by offering machines according to the quantity, size and variety of the product they want to produce. The biggest difference between patisserie products and main bakery products is weight and fineness. We provide great convenience to businesses in this field. For example, while it takes great skill to roll dough for baklava, a flavor that is spreading rapidly around the world, our Baklawa Machine (Phillo) makes this job very easy. To summarize, we are in when it comes to the production of any product in which flour and water are mixed.
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