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  • Nestlé gains global license to sell Starbucks products

    28 Aug 2018 Food & Drink International
    Nestlé gains global license to sell Starbucks products
  • Researchers create probiotic drink from soy pulp

    28 Aug 2018 Food & Drink International
    Food scientists in Singapore have used Okara, a by-product from the production of soy milk and tofu, to make a new on-trend probiotic drink.
  • The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has opened a new office in Mumbai, India. It will be tasked with identifying new business opportunities in India for Chamber Members, attracting Indian compa ...
  • To anyone who hasn’t seen or known about 3D printing, a fact to know is that it’s futuristic. It’s enabling a machine to produce things or objects of any shape needed, which means it’s in high demand ...
  • Rise of premium and halal carbonated soft drinks in MEA

    23 Feb 2017 Jennifer Zegler, Mintel
    The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo have each invested heavily in manufacturing and distribution in countries throughout the region in the hopes of making their products more accessible to consumers, es ...
  • How attractive packaging can increase sales

    17 Dec 2017 Business Daily Africa
    Attractive packaging can trigger positive emotions in consumers and increase sales, according to research.
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Flexible Packaging For Your Products
  • Watch: Trends Shaping the Beverage Space in the Middle East

    17 Apr 2017 Euromonitor International
    Functionality in beverages is rapidly becoming a vital inclusion in many company's portfolio offering, whether naturally occurring in the liquid or added during processing. Consumers are becoming more ...
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