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  • Nestlé & Carrefour use IBM blockchain for food traceability

    22 Apr 2019 Food & Drink International
    Nestlé has teamed up with French retail giant Carrefour to allow consumers to access information in what is believed to be the first Blockchain on a national brand in Europe.
  • FIATA member and GCC's leading voice on logistics, partners with the show for the 3rd year. 
  • The agreement could rev up Starbucks’ roughly $2 billion business selling packaged Starbucks coffee, Teavana tea and other products through grocery stores and other retailers, including in China. The ...
  • Nestlé gains global license to sell Starbucks products

    28 Aug 2018 Food & Drink International
    Nestlé gains global license to sell Starbucks products
  • Naturalness Shapes the Worlds Flavor Industry

    19 Jun 2017 Middle East Food
    Flavor is a sensory impression of food or any other substance, which is determined by chemical senses of taste and smell.

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