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Exhibitor Press Releases

Exhibitor Press Releases

  • This October in Paris, SIAL, the International Food Innovation Exhibition, has inspired everyone with its 700 exhibitors, 155.000 visitors and 120 official delegations, all coming from almost 200 countries, and spread across 21 exhibition zones. There were showcases of product innovations from the beverage sector, dairy products, fresh and dried products, frozen products, confectionary, technologies, services and more. The companies present at SIAL 2016 have discussed about new market trends, exchanging ideas and opinions and debating the key subjects of the challenges and opportunities of today’s market. The OctoFrost team was of course present at SIAL this year in order to get a feel of the market and the important emerging trends. After numerous discussions with processors and traders we found out a number of interesting facts. In Europe we got to know that the bad vegetables crop this year is making it difficult to find frozen vegetable products as most is going to fresh sector. Also interesting to note is that market players witness new supplying countries emerging such as Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia and Bulgaria. The players on the frozen market are looking forward for this countries to enter the European and the Global market since they have great agricultural conditions and increasingly better technologies. At the same time Mexican raspberry industry is keeping an eye on the European markets since producers are working to expand their market beyond the American borders. Despite high exports to North America, the real challenge right now is to open the doors of the EU market and gain the trust of the buyers. In terms of country specific trends, the large crop of Turkish peppers will affect the prices of frozen, while in Hungary berry processing is going down because of low prices and high labor costs (thus there are speculations that the Hungarian berry cultivation may disappear in time). Polish frozen strawberry prices are increasing again and Spain became the largest producer of frozen broccoli in the EU while Egypt is looking to import large quantities of frozen peas. Also a very important trend we got to know out about is that there is an increasing demand for organic products in Europe and North America but the supply is not keeping up with it. For the first time, this year there was a Gluten Free zone, which underlined that food markets need to and are adapting to new trends as the consumer’s expectations are growing. Also we noticed that the confectionary section expanded significantly which we believe is a natural response of the market to focus on value-added products more than ever before. All in all, this year’s SIAL was a successful show and all OctoFrost’s partners have showed great interest and admiration for our Trader Program which is changing the way business is done in our industry.
  • Dairy producer Fauji Foods Ltd, Pakistan is the first to introduce its tea creamer in the brand new Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125ml package. The two companies signed one of the most comprehensive deals in the industry during 2015. The corporation is now further deepened when Ecolean’s new smaller 125ml package solution hits the shelves.

  • For over fifty years we have been listening to your needs, understanding them, making them our own and proposing the most effective and customized solutions. We are constantly seeking innovation in technologies, materials and security, for the creation of transport systems and storage of fragile products: pasta, pet food, dried fruit, cereals and confectionary products. This is why we are one of the global leaders in the food industry: because we love what we do, because we take care of what you do.
  • Green Cleaning
    Only dry vapor steam can achieve cleaning and chemical-free sanitizing without toxins, adverse health effects, waste water, damage to the environment or compromises to worker safety.

  • Banawi MANE Flavors, Lazeez will be exhibiting at the upcoming Gulf Food Manufacturing Show in Dubai, the Middle East’s biggest Ingredients show taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from 7-9 November 2016.  

    At the show, Banawi MANE Flavors, Lazeez will showcase some of the latest innovations for the Middle Eastern taste palates.

    “The growth of the youth and families in the region calls for exciting new flavors that are safe to consume and close to nature. It is evident from the latest consumer research that families in the region are becoming more health and environmentally conscious and our products satisfy not just that, but the diverse palates of discerning consumers of the Broader Middle East region” said Roland Klein, Business Unit Manager. 

  • (Nature Pak) Banawi Evergreen Packaging will be exhibiting at the upcoming Gulf Food Manufacturing Show in Dubai, the Middle East’s biggest food fair taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from 7-9 November 2016.  

    At the show, Banawi Evergreen Packaging, will showcase its latest “Nature Pak” Gable Top packaging systems and innovations.

    “We are excited by the recent growing interest in paperboard packaging for fresh dairy and juice products in the region as processors seek to bring premium healthy products to the market in the right package to attract consumers” said Howard Moseley, Business Unit Manager.

    “The space and superior graphics capabilities of a Gable Top carton allow brands to grab consumer attention on the shelf and engage with consumers on a deeper level. Modern consumers want to connect with brands, to know what they stand for. Cartons provide the space for brands to truly tell their story. Many brands are developing premium products, such as beverages with functional claims (heart healthy, etc.) to take advantage of consumer trends. Data indicates that consumers are willing to pay additional for premium brands IF THEY UNDERSTAND THE BENEFITS. Cartons provide the space needed to do just that” continued Moseley

  • Our catalog
  • Smooth cake mixing
  • Tate and Lyle manufacture high-purity food additives and ingredients in hundreds of different types, including some made to the highest Kosher and Halal standards. Therefore when they were looking at replacing an old mixer their key objectives included improving the ease of cleaning and speed of changeover. The Horizontal Helical Mixer has four mixing elements forming an interrupted spiral, with very precisely calculated geometry and a short length compared to its width; that gives the mixer substantial advantages over conventional ribbon or spiral mixers. The slow-moving mixer arms gently lift and fold the blend end-to-end, in an action that is so efficient that ‘trace’ components can be added directly to the mix with no need to pre-mix. As there are very strict clean-down between mixes the Boone mixer was fitted with two full-width doors to make it easy to clean every inch of the mixer interior, so much so that cleaning only requires around ten minutes. To make it easier and safer, the doors are counterbalanced and fitted with quick-release catches. JR Boone also met the Tate & Lyle safety system which means the mixer cannot be start with the lid open.

    Gulfood Manufacturing 2016

    Teepack presents the latest features of the


    September 2016, Meerbusch, Germany – German tea packaging specialist Teepack will showcase the latest addition to its COMPACTA HS machine at Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai from November 7 to 9, 2016 (Booth C2 – 34, in the German pavilion). The machine, which produces and packages double-chamber tea bags in heat-sealable foils, features an enhanced knotting unit to tighten the thread at the bag. The new system reduces the amount of machine parts needed and ensures an efficient production process.

    The COMPACTA produces naked double chamber tea bags including thread and tag. The natural tea aroma remains untouched, since natural filter paper is used – without the need for chemical hot-melt adhesives. The COMPACTA HS module can be seamlessly attached to the basic machine as a “plug-and-produce” system to further package the naked tea bags. The module ensures that the tea bags are reliably packed in heat-sealed three-sided foil in order to protect the taste and aroma of the tea. “Now we have further refined the knotting unit to offer customers an even more efficient packaging solution,” says Roland Delapille head of sales tea bag machines at Teepack.


  • Mr. Emir Kozlu explains the criteria behind the decision: “we wanted the best quality flour packing machine available on the market because we wanted to achieve the best possible results”.
    Fawema proposed the FA217 machine and the modern and advanced technology included in the packing line perfectly matched the client’s aspirations and objectives. Thanks to modern servo-drive, the machine is extremely accurate and the wear & tear drastically reduced compared to mechanical cam-drive machinery.
    Furthermore, the machine needs no oil bath or lubrication, which means an overall cleaner working cycle and no risk of contamination with the flour. There are very few wearing parts, no rubber suction cups and access to all parts of the machine is immediate and easy.
    Mr. Emir Kozlu is delighted with the final result: “we needed a machine that would not give us any problems, which would deliver perfect packages and which would work for many years to come. We are very satisfied with Fawema, we have never faced any difficulties and we understand now that we made absolutely the right decision in choosing Fawema as our supplier”.
    Kozlu had worked previously with packing equipment from another source, which functioned on a rotary cycle with mechanical cam-drive but since the installation of the new Fawema linear-design machine with modern servo-drive technology, huge improvements have been evident. Mr. Kozlu explained: “since we started production with the Fawema equipment, packages have become more regular, the production rate is far greater, the machine is more reliable and downtime caused by stoppages or faults has been eliminated.

  • Universal Pack has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s “1000 Companies to Inspire Europe”.

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